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national captioning institute >> live, and in hd this is abc7 breaking news. >> breaking news from india where three explosions have rocked mumbai. the blast happened in a crowded market neighborhood and
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business district. at least 17 people have been killed and eight others injured in the attacks. it video from the scene at showed some of the damage from the explosions. we will have more information on of the story as it develops and keep you posted. nearly 20 years after 9/11, passengers are still not safe. that is the word from a stunning new congressional investigation which shows that thousands of people have managed to slip through airport security. brianne carter is live at reagan national airport to explain what is going wrong. >> according to this latest report, a security breach affected each of 170,000 passengers for the last decade the tsa says that these numbers can be misleading. this comes days after an issue warning by the tsa and months before the anniversary of the september 11 attacks.
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at airports across the country screenings and searches, the signs of the billions of dollars in security upgrades since the september terrorist attacks a decade ago. >> i think it is all for show. i don't need it does anything to stop any incidents. most of the stuff is stop before people get to the airport. >> according to the report, lapses are still occurring. since november 2001, there have been 25,000 security breaches. according to the report, 14,000 people got into secure areas. 6000 passengers or pieces of luggage were not screened or not screen properly. this morning, at a hearing on the hill, lawmakers raised concerns. >> those are the ones we know about. what about the ones we don't know about and the creativity and things that can happen in the future? >> in a statement to abc news, the tsa says --
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at reagan national, passengers have mixed reaction as to whether more needs to be done. >> they are catching them somewhere, right? obviously, they are doing their job. >> they need to do what they do in israel and tel aviv. >> also raised in that hearing on the hill, the security perimeter around all airports across the country, some of which have been breached just in the last five years. also at issue, the more than 900,000 security clearance passes that have been issued across the country, 16,000 of them issued at dulles international airport. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. >> we are following breaking news in capitol heights this noon where crews are on the scene of water main break that sent water gushing into the streets. newschopper 7 was over the scene.
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the 20-inch main broke out around 9:30 this morning in an industrial at area with businesses nearby. crews did manage to shot off the water and if they are trying to repair that rate -- and now they are trying to repair the break. at 1:30 this morning crews shut down traffic at all lanes of the beltway between 25 and 66. workers were able to removed the power line and all lanes were reopened shortly after 4:30 this morning. police in prince george's county are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in the streets this morning. someone called police to report the body lying in the road. police pronounced the man get on the scene. it is being investigated as a homicide. a mother speaks out after the murder-for-hire conviction
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against her son is overturned. prosecutors claimed he hired owen barber to murder daniel petrole. his family has always maintained he is innocent. >> he saved his life, and i am so grateful. >> she says her prayers have been answered in what is being called a rare decision. a federal judge in regina vacated the death sentence and conviction against her -- a federal judge in virginia vacated the death sentence and conviction against her son. justin admitted to selling drugs but as always said he is not the killer. >> when he turned himself in a hoping to clear his name of murder, we never dreamed this would be where we would end up. >> where he would at end up is virginia's death row, where he has been over 10 years. owen barber was the
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prosecution's key witness. he first put all the blame on wolfe, but later recanted the starry -- story. >> had the lawyers and their duty, we would not have spent 10 years in hell. >>it has been a horrible journey. >> justin wolfe's family hope he will be able to come home, although he was also sentenced to 30 years for drug and conupon conviction the mother says she feels for the patrollee will never come home. >> justice was manipulated in this case. >> the state attorney general could file charges if he sees it
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necessary. >> new at noon, police are investigating the vandalism of up to a dozen cars in one silver spring neighborhood. neighbors woke up to racial slurs spray-painted on cars and tires slashed. firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a big plays in accokeek -- big blaze in accokeek. it took hours of tough work to finally extinguished the flames. fortunately, no one was hurt and no buildings were damaged. our week of the sweltering heat is almost over, and we are looking at severe weather this afternoon. steve rudin has more. >> the bigger story another 98-
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degree-plus a day to 91 currently at reagan national airport. the cooler air is out there. look for a warm afternoon 88- 93. but the humidity levels, the dew point level, will start to fall. what can expect sides beautiful weather? i will have the fuld forecast in just -- the fuld forecast in just a few minutes. >> a virginia employment agency worker is facing charges of sexually assaulting a woman who was trying to find work. detectives say he locked the woman in a room at the world employment agency in annandale forced her to watch pornography and then assaulted her. police arrested and charged choon sik lee in annandale. detectives say a similar incident happened to another woman in may. a second employee at a maryland rock climbing business is accused of having sex with a minor.
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police say that the 20-year-old began a sexual relationship with a student at the facility this past march. he allegedly met up with the minor of these four times at her house while the mother was not at home. >> it is very concerning to think that someone who is spending that much time with young children is capable of things like that, and it makes you worry about the activities you have your children at. >> montague is charged with fourth degree sex offenses and the trial is set for september. the clock is ticking for the debt ceiling and prospects for a deal seemed to be fading fast. 19 days from now, the u.s. government will default unless the deal is reached. both republicans and democrats promise that what happened. >> everyone in the gatt debate seem to agree on one thing allowing the united states to default on its debt would be catastrophic. >> we are not gambling our
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fiscal future on a promise of the spending cuts tomorrow for tax hikes today. >> we cannot allow our country to fail to pass bills for the first time in its history. >> president obama told cbs that without a deal, millions of government checks to the military social security recipients, might not get paid. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3. >> what they did not agree on is how to do it. some denied there is even a crisis. >> revenues continue to come into the united states treasury. >> without changes credit rating agencies say they will downgrade united states credit. senator lindsey graham tells abc's donta then call that republicans should accept demands for tax hikes to get the job done. >> apply it to the deficit as well as reducing tax rates. >> but he is pessimistic that they can reach a deal before
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august 2. that could topple the dominoes of tighter credit and soaring unemployment that would affect every american. john boehner says that the debt crisis highlights the need to pass an amendment. senate majority leader harry reid went so far as to p praise of plan by at minority leader mitch mcconnell. it might not satisfy wall street. >> we are following the latest developments with casey anthony. there are new reports that she may be considering a name change once she leaves jail. she has reportedly received death threats since the verdict. the 25-year-old florida woman was acquitted of killing her daughter caylee, but convicted of lying to police. there are new reports of the elements in the phone hacking scandal. british prime minister david cameron is the founding to look
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into whether 9/11 victims were targeted. reporters at rupert murdoch's news corp. are accused of trying to gain access to the phone data of victims of 9/11. they are also accused of hacking into the voice mails of the welfare, and celebrities. coming up, and choosing carrots over french fries? dozens of restaurants joint push to help kids make better choices. and it fears about the shrinking number of children in the u.s. a close encounter caught on tape. and steve is back in
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>> a new initiative to offer healthier dining options for children. the program was unveiled at the national press club. it is called "kids live well." the national restaurant association is teaming up with chains and restaurants to offer healthier options for kids. >> our vision has been to create an environment that has voluntary, flexible options to address the challenges. >> denny's and ihop teamed up to offer meals that are fewer than a 600 cals . this is the controversy question posed in a new article written by an obesity specialist in "the
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journal of american medicine association." some argue that the government should intervene in extreme cases, but others say that extreme over eating maybe the result of other factors including advertising and peer pressure. we want to know what you think about this. join the conversation on facebook page. we will show the results tonight on abc 7 at 5:00. the metrodome in minneapolis is getting a new roof today seven months after the all one came crashing down. -- the old one came crashing down. seven months ago, this incredible video shows heavy snow causing the stadium roof to collapse. fortunately, no one was inside, but the vikings had to play elsewhere. the new roof material is stronger than steel and more wind-resistant. here at home, we have nice weather to look forward to . >> afternoon and evening hours
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and after that, absolutely beautiful. >> love it when you say that. >> chesapeake beach, look for the clouds to roll in. cold front comes from the west, and a cold front will eventually bring a few showers. 91 degrees with intent temperature. dew points levels beginning to fall into the low 60s. take a look at this. 81 degrees in rehoboth, oakton, virginia at at 91. the final stop will take us to the district. 80 in gaithersburg. the same in manassas. 86 in fredericksburg. this is the cooler drier air brought only 73 degrees noontime temperature. dubai level still very, very
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comfortable. -- two. level still very very comfortable. it is beginning to feel more comfortable outside. by this time tomorrow, lots of sunshine, dry conditions, temperature's only in the mid- 80's. showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. at this point no watch or advisory or warning, but some of these storms will of the potential, isolated areas to have gusty winds and heavy downpour. watch out for the storms this afternoon. but tomorrow, looking great. water temperature of around 72. it really nice stuff. here are the scattered showers moving through the air in the afternoon. -- moving through later in the afternoon. 88-93 for the daytime high. we have pretty much reached the high temperatures right now. tomorrow gorgeous. near 85 degrees.
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win in the northeast 3-8 miles per hour. we will increase the humidity a bit for the upcoming weekend. that is where you should go for your online home. >> picture perfect day tomorrow and friday. be nice to have off work, right? the country's to bribute to former first lady betty ford will continue. yesterday, rosalynn carter, hillary clinton and michelle attended obama attended the memorial. she will be buried with her husband, gerald ford. coming up on abc7 news at noon, kayakers looking for thrills got way more than they bargained for. a shark drags on and into the
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water as the cameras roll.
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>> it was another busy day on a nasa's final mission into space. all 10 astronauts on board the international space station are hard at work. atlantis delivering a year's worth of food and clothes and other supplies for yet yesterday, two astronauts finished the last ever space walk of the mission.
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the latest census data shows that just 24% of america is children under 18. it is expected to drop to 23% by 2050. the percentage of people 65 and older is expected to jump% to one in five americans. researchers say it raises serious questions about whether today's children will have the necessary resources they need to care for the countries growing elderly population. i dare devil -- a daredevil kayaker has a close encounter with a shark and it is caught on tape. they like to spend their weekends catching and releasing sharks for at. when it got to the surface, the shark athrew him off balance and sent him into the water. >> i cannot get enough leverage
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to do anything about it. it just flipped me instantly and i was in the water. at any moment that shark could have marched up and taken his achilles' up. >> he escaped without injury but his son cut a finger on one of the shark's teeth. still ahead, steve has a final look at the weather.
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>> we are a bit closer to "the jetsons." the first flying car has been cleared for takeoff. it can take off and fly but wetlands, it drives like a car. anyone with a driver's -- when it lands, it drives like a corporate anyone with a driver's license can it take on the road, but it takes a pilot's license to fly it. 100 of them have been reserved so far. >> a bunch of the scratches on your bumper, you should probably not drive that. >> i would be a danger. >> we have to get you a thro -- get through a few thunderstorms. >> release on the way. thank you for being with us midday. we will see you back here
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